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Gear Repair


Got something that needs fixing?  Stringbean Bags can help you out!  Whether it be our own products, or a competitors brand, Stringbean Bags is happy to give your gear a second life and get you ready for your next adventure!

Contact us to talk about your needs and get a quote.


      Zipper failure is one of the most common problems with gear.  Whether its a backpack, jacket, or sleeping bag, zippers see a lot of abuse and may need to be replaced.  Stringbean Bags offers both slider replacement or a full zipper replacement.

Packs & Bags

Are your straps torn or pulling out of the seams?  Has a buckle, or other hardware, broken?  Is your bag ripped or worn from abrasion?  Stringbean Bags stocks a variety of webbing, fabrics, hardware, cord, and zippers to get your pack up and running again.

            Do you have other gear like sleeping bags or outerwear that needs repair?  Hit us up and we'll see if we can help you!