Gear for bike & body. Versatile, customized, and lightweight bags for bikepacking and backpacking.

Full Framebag

$180.00 - $260.00

Full framebags are ideal for cyclists who want to maximize the full carrying capacity of their bike and have easy access using a zipper; allowing one-handed opening and closing while riding. Everyone from a bikepacker to a commuter can enjoy the benefits of a full frame bag. All framebags are custom made to fit your bike.

Basic Features:
- Burly zipper for durability in the worst conditions.
- Water-resistant fabric for the main panels
- Abrasion resistant fabric for all contact points
- Padded contact points to protect your bike and valuables
- Velcro attachments to easily attach/remove the bag
- 3" in width

Features: Visit the Custom Framebags page for more information.
- Accessory Pocket: +$25
- Hydration Hose Port: +$10

Attachments: Visit the Custom Framebags page for more information.
- Velcro: Free
- Bolt On: +$10/tube
- Lace Up: +$15/tube
- Daisy Chain: +$15/tube

Just leave a note during checkout detailing which colors you would like and where. This includes drive side and non-drive side, above and below zippers, zipper garages or any other combination you can think of. Visit the fabrics page to learn more.

Build Materials:
- X-Pac VX21 or ECOPAK EXP200 fabrics for the main panels
- Ballistic Nylon for all contact points
- #10 YKK Molded Tooth Zipper
- Pack cloth
- Closed cell Foam

How to place an order:
Step 1: Place your order below.
Step 2: Follow the Custom Framebag instructions to take a photo of your bike. We will use this photo to create a perfectly sized bag.
Step 3: Email that photo, including your order #, to [email protected].

Use code "MATCHINGPINTO" at checkout to receive 10% off a matching Pinto top tube bag.

Handmade in the mountains of North Carolina.

All items will be shipped within three weeks of purchase.