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Half Framebag

$170.00 - $250.00

Half framebags are ideal for cyclists who want to use both of their bikes' water bottle mounts while taking advantage of the above remaining space of the frame. They are common on gravel bikes and for racers who want just enough room for a repair kit, food and extra layers.

Basic Features:
- Burly zipper for durability in the worst conditions.
- Water-resistant fabric for the main panels
- Abrasion resistant fabric for all contact points
- Padded contact points to protect your bike and valuables
- Velcro attachments to easily attach/remove the bag
- 3" in width

Features: Visit the Custom Framebags page for more information.
- Accessory Pocket: +$25
- Hydration Hose Port: +$10

Attachments: Visit the Custom Framebags page for more information.
- Velcro: Free
- Bolt On: +$10/tube
- Lace Up: +$15/tube
- Daisy Chain: +$15/tube

Just leave a note during checkout detailing which colors you would like and where. This includes drive side and non-drive side, above and below zippers, zipper garages or any other combination you can think of. Visit the fabrics page to learn more.

Build Materials:
- X-Pac VX21 or ECOPAK EXP200 fabrics for the main panels
- Ballistic Nylon for all contact points
- #10 YKK Molded Tooth Zipper
- Pack cloth
- Closed cell Foam

How to place an order:
Step 1: Place your order below.
Step 2: Follow the Custom Framebag instructions to take a photo of your bike. We will use this photo to create a perfectly sized bag.
Step 3: Email that photo, including your order #, to [email protected].

Use code "MATCHINGPINTO" at checkout to receive 10% off a matching Pinto top tube bag.

Handmade in the mountains of North Carolina

All items will be shipped within three weeks of purchase.